Week 7; Dream Coming True

Over the last week, Hunting has started. Hunting is a passion of mine, and i love the taste of deer. Besides that part, i love listening to the trees move with the wind, the branches breaking while squirrels jump from limb to limb and the birds singing a morning tune when the sun arises at 6:30 a.m. I love the silence of others voices, the cricks and creeks of other critters walking/running through the forest, and the sound of others shooting in the distance brings me hope.

While i was out hunting i thought to myself, how could i bring my colors and shapes into the game. I saw the tops of pine trees, the yellow in the leaves, the red on my coffee cup, and the blue in the sky. I imagined the shapes, and thought about my purpose. I thought about my sit and how ill be spending at least 4 hours a day sitting still in the cold blistering wind in a chair on the ground. What an amazing place to think. No one can int erupt you, no one can make you lose focus, and it brings you down to your other senses to listen to the woods a little closer.

I enjoyed this week but i also fell behind with requirement times/dates. Ill be honest, but when i found time, i put my thought into what i should do. My dream board is in the process, because i have much more to add. My shapes are beginning to be put up around my house my i ran out of ink. oops… So, now i finish my week strong. I read when i was in the woods. I took pictures and put it on my phone and sat still reading and reading as much as i could because i knew i wouldn’t be able to after i was done hunting because i had to work.

Now you all see what an amazing weekend i have had. I am excited for week 8.


Week 6; shapes

This week i printed out shapes to remind me of my tasks. Keeps my mind flowing. I really enjoyed this experiment and I started to use it with my goals for my work and home life. I suggest everyone to try this!

Week 5; Purpose

This Master Key Experience is unfolding the purpose i already knew; My Purpose. My purpose is to help others and i am aware of this. It makes me happy and it makes my heart and soul warm with happiness. I love these exercises and i enjoy feeling grateful for accomplishing the tasks i write down, the ones i promise to finish or do. My old blueprint does come back at times and i know this. I find myself using language i wish i wouldn’t in stressful situations, i find myself watching TV first and them reminding myself that, that is my old blueprint and i should be benefiting my self if i want to get to where i want to be in life by sticking to what i said i would do. I like our requirement to have no opinions. It is very hard for me because i am a strong opinion’d person but in a different way then most. I do find myself giving my opinion to those i love and cherish most, otherwise i let those i don’t have much feeling for, think/do for themselves. So, challenge is ‘NO OPINIONS’!

Week 4; Overwhelmed

Being honest, this week has been exhausting! Not because of the master key experience course, but because of my work life. This course brings myself back to my center and allows me to know i am doing something good for myself and no one else at that moment. It speaks to my soul and tells me that i am going to be grateful. I am not working for anyone else but myself and that makes me feel joy and makes me feel awakened after a long tiring day. Life does not have to be so stressful and i find myself confused when people are so stressed out all the time; never finding a way to relax. I believe i am one of a kind (which of course i am) but deep down we are all formed the same but not wired the same. This course is good for my “wires” because it is connecting the ones that have broken in the past and creating a knew system. It is working better, not harder. Lets say someone works so hard, looks happy, then com,plains about work and no sleep, and then never finds time to bring their selves back to their center to become one and think about all their own thoughts at once to gather their entire day… Could you imagine… YES! You do it almost every day and you don’t even think about it. How many of you actually sit still for at least 2 minutes a day to just gather your thoughts… ill wait…

Okay, now you have thought.. “oh my … this woman is crazy… because my mind is always thinking”. Yes, you are right but did you ever sit still… completely… and just think about your thoughts and actions and your daily chores or need to do list or when you are going to go grocery shopping, but this time you sat completely still while thinking about it and not roaming cleaning the house, getting flustered about all these ‘to do’ lists.

Okay, well i think my rant is done and i think iv made you catch yourself and ill leave you on a limb till next week.

Catch you later! “if you fall”  🤷‍♀️

Week 3; Inside my mind.

Today we go deep into my thoughts while i sit for 15minutes and ask myself multiple questions. I’d like to share with you my sit experience.

When I do this exercise I end up going into a “dream world”; not completely sleeping but dreaming.

I try to ask myself questions during my sit and it usually ends up trying to think so hard that I want to move. So, instead I have found that letting myself dream lets me feel perfectly refreshed and open minded when I am done. I set my fitbit versa for 15min so when I wake, I wake to a slight buzz on my wrist.

My thoughts roam from my love life to my family, my chore card to my business, and my DMP to my “dream world”. I see my DMP in my thoughts while I sit. I hear myself thinking about the lesson and scroll 1.

Although while i sit and think about the lesson or about my old blueprint, I end up getting lost in my roaming thoughts.

Sometimes I actually fall asleep but I am still; sitting very still. I have mastered sitting still for the 15minutes. I’m not sure if I believe I am doing the exercise right, but I feel amazing afterwards.

This week my chore card consists of rearranging my home and deep cleaning it, By this coming Sunday.

My Blueprint builder is on my wall next to my bed along with GS book, DMP/Chore cards, my dream board, my DMP every week, and my Master Key workbook/presentation handout/ lesson, is always by my side. I carry this stuff with me as well.


Week 2; knowledge

This week has been crazy busy for me but I still managed to read my “do it now” card, my chore card, my lesson, and revise my DMP with my PPNs. This course is simple to me. Sitting still for 15minutes has still been difficult for me because I had a heavy work load this week. Next week I am going to do my best and strive to get all things done and have time for my 15min sit. I need that time to find myself. I know I’m posting on a Friday while im at work but I cant stop thinking about my world within myself. How I was it to change because my perspective on things could be different. Master key has myself really second guessing everything I do; in a good way!

Thanks for reading my blog and ill be in touch next week with my journey and experiences continuing on with MKE.

Week 1; Continued…

Wow! Thoughts are out!


Who has ever sat still, completely still, 15 minutes, not moving a muscle?

Try it! Bet it’s not easy. For me, it was hard the first time but I wasnt in a quiet place. I tried it in a dentist office! 😂

Today, I sat still for 13minutes. Started off where i was sat up straight on the couch, legs crossed, head resting back, mouth wide open and my eyes closed. I had 2 minutes left when I realized I fell into this “dream” of thoughts that filled my mind full. I opened my eyes and I felt heavy! My arms were in the same spot next to my body and they felt 5x heavier! My head felt light, my back felt loose, my legs felt rejuvenated! I closed my eyes a d the last 2 minutes I couldn’t sit still because i was so blown away by the way I felt and how it worked out! The experience of binding my mind and body into one.

Now you try! If you can’t master 15 whole minutes, try till you can! You will be rewarded!

I hope you all have an fantastic day! Enjoy your self and remember “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. ❤

Love to all, Briana😁

Master Key Experience Week 1; intrigued!

My experience so far is scary. I grasped the concept very fast but i have millions of questions. Thanks to the one who directed me to looking at the Master Key Experience. I do fear that i will slip but i have faith i can accomplish anything! I have no kids so my biggest challenge is my work. I have a crazy schedule sometimes because of my responsibilities as a Program Coordinator and a Personal Care Assistant for my Grandma Sue. I recently became an Entrepreneur with Market America so that also has me on my toes as well. Although, The webinar was awesome and i enjoy learning in the comfort of mgettyimages-627013932_forweb-700x467y own home while i sit in my pajamas or out in the community for a stroll in the park listening to audios on my cellular devise. I will not receive my book called “The Greatest Salesman in The World” by Og Mandino for another week because i had registered on September 22nd. Even though it was cut really close to the last day, i am glad i joined the journey for a 6 month course you can not get anywhere else. This course and myself will only prove itself to myself with my own hard dedication, that i can achieve whatever i set my mind to. Just as Hannel shares “The world without is a reflection of the world within” and “Within lies the power to generate courage, hope, enthusiasm. confidence, trust and faith”.  Read more

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! My name is Briana Dukowitz and i live in Minnesota. I joined WordPress to blog about my experiences with MKE and the journey that i plan to go through with. Hope you all get a chance to keep in touch with me on my amazing journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton