This Master Key Experience is unfolding the purpose i already knew; My Purpose. My purpose is to help others and i am aware of this. It makes me happy and it makes my heart and soul warm with happiness. I love these exercises and i enjoy feeling grateful for accomplishing the tasks i write down, the ones i promise to finish or do. My old blueprint does come back at times and i know this. I find myself using language i wish i wouldn’t in stressful situations, i find myself watching TV first and them reminding myself that, that is my old blueprint and i should be benefiting my self if i want to get to where i want to be in life by sticking to what i said i would do. I like our requirement to have no opinions. It is very hard for me because i am a strong opinion’d person but in a different way then most. I do find myself giving my opinion to those i love and cherish most, otherwise i let those i don’t have much feeling for, think/do for themselves. So, challenge is ‘NO OPINIONS’!


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