Being honest, this week has been exhausting! Not because of the master key experience course, but because of my work life. This course brings myself back to my center and allows me to know i am doing something good for myself and no one else at that moment. It speaks to my soul and tells me that i am going to be grateful. I am not working for anyone else but myself and that makes me feel joy and makes me feel awakened after a long tiring day. Life does not have to be so stressful and i find myself confused when people are so stressed out all the time; never finding a way to relax. I believe i am one of a kind (which of course i am) but deep down we are all formed the same but not wired the same. This course is good for my “wires” because it is connecting the ones that have broken in the past and creating a knew system. It is working better, not harder. Lets say someone works so hard, looks happy, then com,plains about work and no sleep, and then never finds time to bring their selves back to their center to become one and think about all their own thoughts at once to gather their entire day… Could you imagine… YES! You do it almost every day and you don’t even think about it. How many of you actually sit still for at least 2 minutes a day to just gather your thoughts… ill wait…

Okay, now you have thought.. “oh my … this woman is crazy… because my mind is always thinking”. Yes, you are right but did you ever sit still… completely… and just think about your thoughts and actions and your daily chores or need to do list or when you are going to go grocery shopping, but this time you sat completely still while thinking about it and not roaming cleaning the house, getting flustered about all these ‘to do’ lists.

Okay, well i think my rant is done and i think iv made you catch yourself and ill leave you on a limb till next week.

Catch you later! “if you fall”  🤷‍♀️


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