Today we go deep into my thoughts while i sit for 15minutes and ask myself multiple questions. I’d like to share with you my sit experience.

When I do this exercise I end up going into a “dream world”; not completely sleeping but dreaming.

I try to ask myself questions during my sit and it usually ends up trying to think so hard that I want to move. So, instead I have found that letting myself dream lets me feel perfectly refreshed and open minded when I am done. I set my fitbit versa for 15min so when I wake, I wake to a slight buzz on my wrist.

My thoughts roam from my love life to my family, my chore card to my business, and my DMP to my “dream world”. I see my DMP in my thoughts while I sit. I hear myself thinking about the lesson and scroll 1.

Although while i sit and think about the lesson or about my old blueprint, I end up getting lost in my roaming thoughts.

Sometimes I actually fall asleep but I am still; sitting very still. I have mastered sitting still for the 15minutes. I’m not sure if I believe I am doing the exercise right, but I feel amazing afterwards.

This week my chore card consists of rearranging my home and deep cleaning it, By this coming Sunday.

My Blueprint builder is on my wall next to my bed along with GS book, DMP/Chore cards, my dream board, my DMP every week, and my Master Key workbook/presentation handout/ lesson, is always by my side. I carry this stuff with me as well.



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