This week has been crazy busy for me but I still managed to read my “do it now” card, my chore card, my lesson, and revise my DMP with my PPNs. This course is simple to me. Sitting still for 15minutes has still been difficult for me because I had a heavy work load this week. Next week I am going to do my best and strive to get all things done and have time for my 15min sit. I need that time to find myself. I know I’m posting on a Friday while im at work but I cant stop thinking about my world within myself. How I was it to change because my perspective on things could be different. Master key has myself really second guessing everything I do; in a good way!

Thanks for reading my blog and ill be in touch next week with my journey and experiences continuing on with MKE.


3 thoughts on “Week 2; knowledge

  1. You are mastering the routine! It gets easier and easier as that mysterious source that never sleeps starts taking over some tasks – Do it NOW!


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