My experience so far is scary. I grasped the concept very fast but i have millions of questions. Thanks to the one who directed me to looking at the Master Key Experience. I do fear that i will slip but i have faith i can accomplish anything! I have no kids so my biggest challenge is my work. I have a crazy schedule sometimes because of my responsibilities as a Program Coordinator and a Personal Care Assistant for my Grandma Sue. I recently became an Entrepreneur with Market America so that also has me on my toes as well. Although, The webinar was awesome and i enjoy learning in the comfort of mgettyimages-627013932_forweb-700x467y own home while i sit in my pajamas or out in the community for a stroll in the park listening to audios on my cellular devise. I will not receive my book called “The Greatest Salesman in The World” by Og Mandino for another week because i had registered on September 22nd. Even though it was cut really close to the last day, i am glad i joined the journey for a 6 month course you can not get anywhere else. This course and myself will only prove itself to myself with my own hard dedication, that i can achieve whatever i set my mind to. Just as Hannel shares “The world without is a reflection of the world within” and “Within lies the power to generate courage, hope, enthusiasm. confidence, trust and faith”. 


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